Some of you may have noticed that the NOEW voting poll numbers have changed drastically overnight. This has affected almost every business in the competition. Apparently, there were large quantities of votes coming from individual IP addresses that were not attributed to business locations. Certain browser hacks allowed campaign supporters to vote multiple times from the same device without limit.

Beware: The CAPTCHA


I've received some feedback that people didn't realize that voting required answering a CAPTCHA. The formatting of the page is a little cumbersome so the CAPTCHA can render ABOVE where you are scrolled to on NOLA's website. The voting applet is on our website as well and the formatting issue does not exist (but others may still occur when loading CAPTCHA).

Vote for Juggle in the NOEW 2016 Big Idea Challenge!!!

From February 22 through March 7, vote for Juggle in the New Orleans Entrepreneur's Week Big Idea Challenge. The top 10 companies from this poll get a spot on 'Startup Alley' on March 18 of NOEW to showcase their businesses and compete for the Big Idea Challenge $25,000 prize.

Juggle is one of 20 companies vying to make it in the top 10 and we need your vote! You can every day of the campaign so vote early, vote often.

Juggle has a Demo Site!

Juggle has launched a demo site for interested people to get familiar with how Juggle's Scheduling interface works. This Demo site is leveraging the interface we built in the Unity Engine for the time being. Within the coming weeks, we're hoping to have the demo set up in such a way that you can look at the underlying appointment date in this example and maybe even edit it.

Click here to visit our demo site

Juggle News Is now Online

Juggle News is your one-stop-shop for all news related to Juggle. We look forward to keeping the content rich and frequent with this new functionality. We're starting out with 11 tags relating to 4 Categories so, hopefully, we're only giving you what you want when you follow us.

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