3 Days left to the NOEW Voting Campaign at NOLA.com & things are rolling with Juggle! We have 2 BIG Announcements…

Juggle Enterprises has been selected as a COLLISION Conference ALPHA Startup! This is an exclusive opportunity for early stage tech startups to show off their innovative technology, get support from a plethora of industry experts, and rub elbows with people from some of the top tech companies around the world that we have all come to know and love. The icing on the cake: COLLISION Conference in our hometown New Orleans this April 26-28!!! That’s right, right before Jazz Fest!!! We look forward to seeing you all at the conference!

Now, COLLISION Conference is only for companies with products that are in the market and ready to go. Right now, we are still a few functions short of a working build. Delayed starts have been ongoing… but that ends TODAY. To ensure that we meet a release date of our Minimum Viable Product before COLLISION, we have doubled-down in our full “Ballers Juggle” style by announcing that we are contracting with TWO developers to make the magic happen!

Chicory Development

Stephen Price of the Cooperative and energetic Programming Bootcamp Instructor with Operation Spark was involved in some of the concept work when we were writing our patent.


Travis Steelman, a regular jack-of-all-trades in IT, is the muscle behind this successful IT hosting and tech augmentation business with over two decades of experience under his belt.

We look forward to working with these two companies to ensure that Juggle delivers a top-notch product to teams everywhere! So hold tight everyone! Juggle is going balls to the wall over the next eight weeks.