Some of you may have noticed that the NOEW voting poll numbers have changed drastically overnight. This has affected almost every business in the competition. Apparently, there were large quantities of votes coming from individual IP addresses that were not attributed to business locations. Certain browser hacks allowed campaign supporters to vote multiple times from the same device without limit. The Idea Village is striving to maintain the integrity of the voting process and decided to invalidate votes coming from IP addresses with unusual activity over the last week of voting. We ask that everyone who votes to please follow the rules: You may vote ONCE from EVERY device you own EVERY DAY till NOON on March 7.

Juggle supports the The Idea Village's efforts to make this a fair process for all businesses involved.

Juggle still needs your vote! The 2016 ‪NOEW ‪Blackstone Big Idea Challenge vote closes in 6 days! Voting for Juggle is (still) easy and only takes 20 seconds to cast a vote.

Thank you for your support and let's keep on Jugglin'!

-Brendan & Sonny
"Team Juggle"