Juggle Early Adopter Program


So Juggle is building a scheduling tool! Barring that such a revelation is far from new considering all the other content and ball-related catch phrases here, it may be worth pointing out that this is approach to Constraint Based Scheduling is largely untested. That is where we are hoping you and your company will make the (L)EAP and help us ensure that we are building a product that is for your industry or your practice. In addition, this will also help us prioritize the outstanding features we plan to implement after our first release.

What's the risk? For starters, the first release of Juggle will be alpha - release. In other words: it will be largely untested to the quality that would normally be recommended for regular operation and production use. While the old "test in production" methodology is in full effect, we want to make sure we have close contact with our customers to know what is working and what needs to be worked on.

Our Goal is to keep the EAP under 60-days from release and it will require a 2-way conversation with our interested clients on a weekly basis.

The benefit to our EAP companies is that transaction fees are waved. All EAPs pay is the monthly Starter Rate per user. For every week we keep the EAP open, you get an additional week AFTER the EAP closes to enjoy the benefits without paying the standard rate.

So what does it take to be in the EAP?

  1. Contact us for an interview so that we can ensure your company space within the program.
  2. Commit at least 3 workers to using the product for the duration of the EAP (more are preferable, but not exceeding 25).
  3. Commit to up to 3 hours weekly (1 conference with other EAP members, 1 direct interview) for the duration of the EAP.
  4. Allow us to list your business on our website as part of our Early Adopter Program.
  5. Be comfortable signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). There may be some instances where we will provide information about our operations or development road map that we keep out of public circulation for a short period. If you want to tell people that you are using Juggle as an EAP and you love it, please go for it!


Please Subscribe to our Mailing list for updates. You can also contact us through email or phone, or through your favorite social network above today!