New Orleans, we have a Product!

Login Screen for Upcoming Juggle Launch

Our partners over at NOLA's Zap-DRD have delivered the first working copy of Juggle's minimum viable product.

This is an exciting development for us and a milestone that we have taken our sweet time to get together and get right. We have started testing with a couple of early adopters and believe we will be at a point to officially begin our Early Adopter Program within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates.

NOEW, Collision Conference, and points beyond

Given the play in our schedule with the delivery, we're bringing Juggle back to NOEW this year to show off our new app and begin organizing our campaign to show you how "ballers juggle." We have a booth at Startup Catalyst on Wednesday, March 22. We look forward to seeing you there! In the mean time, dive into Juggle's Voting Analytics page tracking the 2017 NOEW Big Idea Challenge. This very public face to NOEW was such a learning moment for us so to help others appreciate how the challenge works, Sonny put this together to help educate everyone on best practices to win this competition and Hail the Hustle.

In May, we are also taking a return trip as an Alpha Startup to Collision Conference at the New Orleans Convention Center. Last year was a lot of fun and a worth-while learning experience to connect with some of the coolest startups around. We'll have more as the conference approaches.

Our hope through all of this is to find businesses that could use our shiny new product. As we get feedback from you (our loyal pre-customers) we have several options ahead develop the App and our business to cater to a broad spectrum of, until now, orphaned scheduling needs.

Thank you, again, for your support!
-Team Juggle