To all our Juggle fans:

Brendan and I sincerely apologize for going dark since June. For a multitude of personal and business related reasons, we had to put other priorities ahead of Juggle. It was not a decision we took lightly, but, after looking at how they affected our work with Juggle in the first half of 2016, we knew Juggle’s success depended on us addressing them quickly and without distraction.

The quiet time after all the startup events including NOEW and Collision did not, however, go to waste. We restarted the development of the first release of the product with our friends at Zap-DRD. Additionally, we have taken the time to more fully research design concepts and how they affect our potential customers and their teams.

Resources are now freed up for both Brendan and I that were completely taxed even just a few weeks ago. We are looking to put them back on the job of getting Juggle launched and in the hands of logistics-starved teams everywhere soon.

To start, we’re going to pick back up where we “dropped the ball”: communication. We’ve been pretty good at keeping up with anyone within earshot of us on our progress and we need to do at least as well for those of you who are outside our little circles of friends and family. We have a new MailChimp subscription list to get our upcoming monthly newsletters, and news flashes. Update your preferences with the link found in the email you received from us tonight (assuming we already had you on a previous mailing list) or simply subscribe here.

Next, the News page on will be getting a facelift in the coming weeks to ensure that our posts are readable and searchable. The Juggle website will be the primary point for official information related to the startup.

Finally, to the social media side, we going to keep Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter alive, but there is little value in hustling a day-to-day there until we close in on an openly available product. Writing to us through those avenues is always appreciated and we will absolutely respond. However, we are still a 2-person operation and we want to make sure we put our best effort behind getting the launch product in the hands of early adopters so we can prove to everyone what we’ve known since the beginning: losers schedule, ballers juggle.



Sonny Smith